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About · Hawaii Herald Interview

I love interviewing people I meet through travels, special guests on Doko Ga TV, or one of the other shows I’ve been privileged to work on. Being interviewed is a whole different thing. I find it so hard to talk about myself (quite yucky, icky, actually).

However, I had the honor of being featured for an article in the Hawaii Herald (Hawaii’s Japanese American Journal), a fantastic print and online publication thanks to writer Lois Kajiwara. Lois wrote a piece on the late, great Sonny Chiba and interviewed JN Production’s Joanne Ninomiya, Kauai filmmaker (and fellow movie and pop culture geek) Aaron Yamasato, and me. After that, she’d asked if I’d be game for an interview for the Hawaii Herald. Lois conducted the interview over several months, giving me a chance to talk about my music career, the TV show, my だいせんぱい (mentors), and how my love for Japan started.


If you’re interested in reading the interview, click here. Better yet, support and subscribe to the Hawaii Herald!

My sincerest thanks to Lois Kajiwara for the interview and to the Hawaii Herald for this opportunity!


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